What happens to the cats at night?
The cats have full access to the area, they can sleep wherever they like.
Are they supervised at night?
They are not supervised at night. Cat Lounge is very secure at night.
What happens when the cats are older?
When the cats are about six months old they will be ready to go to new homes, they will be microchipped, neutered/spayed and vaccinated. The cats will also be very well socialised so they will fit in very nicely into new homes.
Will the cats not get tired of being handled?
One of the rules is that if a cat wants to be rubbed, they will come to you. No one is permitted to pick up a cat and no one can disturb a sleeping cat.
Is it not cruel?
It is only cruel if the cats are stressed. At the moment they are not stressed.
How will you know when a cat is stressed?
Every morning the cats are checked over for habits such as not eating, not using the litter box, sleeping a lot, hiding, tremors and anything that would indicate a health or mental health issue.
What if a cat gets injured?
If a cat gets injured or becomes unwell, they will be brought to our local vet to get the care they need.
What happens to the cats if life in Cat Lounge Dublin does not suit them?
They will be rehomed to the right person.
How do I get to adopt one of these cats?
When the time is right, it will be advertised that they are looking for new homes.
Is it only kittens?
We do intend to have cats of all ages. At the moment, these kittens needed a good home.